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ENTRY: 5-13-2009

Star Trek: Pioneer has official moved to from, due to Yahoo! closing Geocities.

ENTRY: 12-18-2007

The Boolran Eye, originally planned to be a two parter has expanded into the second three part story arc in the series; the first being Defector (see Season Two). The Boolran Eye has two story arcs in it; the side story being the Coalition War, and the main being the First Ones arc started back in episode 4.37 - “Almost Paradise” with the discovery of the Eye. This story arc's true name cannot be revealed as of yet, because it is too early in it. Suffice it to say, it will become the main story arc after the war with the So'ja Coalition is over. I consider it part of the Tyson Calok story arc, which allows this favorite villain to have more appearances and more character development.

ENTRY: 9-25-2007

Star Trek: Pioneer celebrates five years!

ENTRY: 12-18-2005

The website for Star Trek: Pioneer is going through a makeover. The main page has already been changed, and I am slowly going through the process of giving the rest of the website the new look. I hope it is easier to navigate and not as complex as it once was.

ENTRY: 9-25-2005

Star Trek: Pioneer celebrates its third anniversary.

ENTRY: 7-3-2005

New Episodes will be added shortly, building up to a climactic season finale.

ENTRY: 8-10-2004

I have just added some new wallpaper and have upgraded the crew manifest with new pictures of some of the crew members. I hope you enjoy.

ENTRY: 8-10-2004

Sorry, I have not added a new episode in a while, but I've been working on upgrading the layout of the Episode List, Alien Database, and have added a Starfleet Starship Database. I think that the new layout of these certain pages makes it easier to locate episodes or information. I'll begin working on the third episode of Season 4 as soon as I have completed the upgrading.

ENTRY: 4-7-2004

"In the Shadows", the second episdoe of season four, has been added to the site. Sorry for taking so long, but I've been pretty busy. Hope you enjoy. Season 4.

ENTRY: 3-9-2004

I've been working on upgrading the homepage of the series website, and today I've finally completed it and have made the change. I hope you all find it more pleasing than the original.

ENTRY: 1-28-2004

Dr. Kesar's mission on the Alkanden Outpost is being formulation right now and the second episode of the fourth season is in the writing stage. Feel free to make comments by e-mail me at the e-mailing address listed above.

ENTRY: 9-25-2003

One year anniversary of Star Trek: Pioneer.

ENTRY: 9-23-2003

Over the week I've been updating the site, including a better crew section in Captain Kelsoe's Ready Room, with bios and pictures of the crew members of the Pioneer. I made the pictures with AppleWorks draw. Hope you enjoy.

ENTRY: 5-19-2003

Well, another season has ended. Over the summer I will be working on the stories for season four. If anyone has any comments or suggestion for character develops, please feel free to e-mail me at the address listed above.

ENTRY: 3-3-2003

I would like to welcome all fans who like the character of Ensign Eric Zimmer and would like to see him in more episodes to submit story ideas for the development of Zimmer's character.

ENTRY: 2-10-2003

Started adding in concept drawings of aliens and/or characters. Hope you enjoy.

ENTRY: 2-6-2003

NEWS FOR ARTIST AND FANS: If you like drawing, please feel free to submit (by e-mail) concept drawings of aliens and characters from your favorite Star Trek: Pioneer episodes to be posted on this site.

ENTRY: 12-11-2002

In the So'ja High Command section you can find a midi formated song that I have composed as the So'ja Coalition anthem. It is very crude and rough, much like the leadership of the Coalition.

ENTRY: 12-8-2002

"The Crossing", the prologue to STAR TREK: NEMESIS, has been completed. Now that Season Two has been completed, pre-production on Season Three will begin. If you want to make any suggestion, I will be accepting suggestion and story ideas until 12-13. Just send an e-mail to Captain Kelsoe.

ENTRY: 12-4-2002

Star Trek: Nemesis will be coming out on 12-13-2002, and I can't wait as am sure most Trek fans are. So I've decided to wrap up Season 2 with an episode in which the crew of the Pioneer discover something about the Romulans that is a kind of prologue to NEMESIS. Stay tuned. I hope you enjoy.

ENTRY: 11-20-2002

"Defector" - Part Two has been completed. Part Three is under way.

ENTRY: 11-17-2002

I have finally completed "Defector" - Part One, which will be episode seven. Three more episodes will be coming until the end of season two. Here is a sneek peak of the episodes to come:
"Defector" - Part Two: Obviously continues episode seven.
"Defector" - Part Three: Continues episode eight.
The season finale will be kept secret until I release it. Sorry.

ENTRY: 11-6-2002

"Beware Romulans Bearing Gifts" has been completed and is has been posted the site I've created some new aliens for up coming episodes, for example the Kobalians. Information about them will be posted soon on the Alien Database page.
Also expect an episode about a So'ja defector. Coming Soon - Season Two: Episode Six - "The Bonding".

ENTRY: 10-29-2002

"Beware Romulans Bearing Gifts" is under production - that is being written. I will give you a little preview of the episode. The crew will have to rendezvous with a Romulan Warbird on their way to a meeting with the So'ja High Command. The Romulan Warbird will be commanded by a Romulan named L'mar. Oh, and thank you to you of those who have sent me e-mails.

ENTRY: 10-24-2002

The next episode, "Infested" is finished and is the process of being uploaded to the site. For those of you who like Braxis, you'll be happy to know that Braxis is focused on mostly in "Infested". For those of you who've e-mailed me, I've been pleased with your comments about the site. I hope that you will continue to enjoy the adventures of the Federation starship Pioneer. Coming Soon - Season Two: Episode Five - "Beware Romulans Bearing Gifts".

ENTRY: 10-18-2002

I've added some links on the to other Fan Fiction sites. Hope you enjoy.

ENTRY: 10-16-2002

The first episode dedicated to Craig and Tracy as been completed. Intitled "The Vacation", Craig and Tracy exit the holodeck to find that everyone has disappeared. Read "The Vacation", coming soon.

ENTRY: 10-9-2002

Work has begun on episode two of the second season of Star Trek: Pioneer entitled, "Transfer". Get a sneek peek of the next episode by looking up the new aliens (the Dinokians) in the Alien Database.

ENTRY: 10-5-2002

Now that Season One is over my plans for Season Two are starting to formulate.
An episode dedicated to the development of Lt. Norman Craig and Ensign Carson's relationship. The Pioneer will be infested by a strange spider like creature. Dr. Braga makes a terrible mistake that might cost him his career. And the Pioneer makes a discovery that leads to what happens in Star Trek: Nemesis. Any questions or comments, please e-mail me at the address mentioned above.

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