written by Travis Cannon

Captain's Log: We have successful complete repairs after our encounter with the So'ja Rebellion. We are currently heading towards an asteroid field to see if we can find any useful material on the asteroids.”

Kelsoe walked out of the his ready room and onto the bridge. Craig stood behind his station, scanning for the asteroid field. Kelsoe walked up to Craig, and smiled.

“What?” Craig inquired.

“You and Ensign Carson are spending a lot of time together, aren't you?” Kelsoe said.

“Yes,” Craig said with a quick smile.

Kelsoe smiled back and patted Craig on the shoulder. He walked down into the center of the bridge. Burt stood up.

“Everything is going smoothly, Captain,” Burt announced.

“Thanks, Connor,” Kelsoe said and stepped over behind Zimmer.

“How's everything, here, Mr. Zimmer?” Kelsoe inquired.

“Fine, sir,” Zimmer said.

Then suddenly a beeping came from Craig's station. Craig looked down at his console. His eyes widen.

“Captain!” Craig said. “There's some sort of ship following us! It's raising it's weapons!”

“What! In Warp!” Burt cried.

Kelsoe turned around.

“Red Alert!” Kelsoe said. “All hands brace for impact.”

The torpedoes hit and the Pioneer was forced out of Warp. Kelsoe pulled himself off of the floor.

“Report!” Kelsoe said, feeling a large gash on his forehead.

Stream was pouring out from behind both Craig and Tuff's stations. Tuff pulled himself up and punched his console.

“Damage reports being sent from all decks,” Tuff said. “What ever type of weapon they've got its nothing like we've seen.”

“Warp Core has been damaged,” Craig said.

“Ensign Carson,” Kelsoe said. “Send out a distress call on all channels.”

Tracy nodded.

“The ships sensors can not pinpoint the ship's weapon systems,” Braxis reported.

“Mr. Zimmer,” Kelsoe said standing up. “Bring us about, I wanna see this ship.”

“Aye, Captain,” Zimmer said.

The Pioneer spun around and they saw a huge black ship.

“What is that?” Burt said standing up beside Kelsoe.

“Ship's sensors are malfunctioning,” Braxis said. “I cannot get any reading.”

Kelsoe turned around and dashed up to Craig's station.

“Craig,” Kelsoe said, “See if you can find something that seems to be the weapons systems.”

“I'm reading something that has a high plasma reading,” Craig said, “near the front of the ship.”

“Braxis?” Kelsoe inquired.

“It is possible that this vessel has a plasma weapon,” Braxis said.

“Target it, Mr. Craig,” Kelsoe said and stepped down into the center of the ship.

“Picking up to plasma torpedoes,” Tuff said.

“Brace for impact!” Burt said as he dived into the air as the torpedoes hit.

Craig's console exploded and Craig fell to the ground. Tracy dashed over to Craig.

“Haul breaches on deck five and seven!” Tuff said. “Placing emergency force fields. They're holding.”

The turbolift doors opened and Dr. McRoye stepped onto the bridge with a medical kit.

“What's going on!?” McRoye inquired.

“We're under attack!” Burt said.

“Help Craig,” Kelsoe ordered.

McRoye looked over and saw Craig. He took out his medical tricorder and bent down. Kelsoe stepped up to Braxis' station.

“Can you get a lock on the plasma weapons systems?” Kelsoe inquired.

“I think I can,” Braxis said, rapidly punching his console. “I've acquired a lock.”

Kelsoe turned around in time to see two more torpedoes coming.

“Mr. Zimmer, evasive maneuvers!” Kelsoe shouted over the hissing of the stream.

“Aye!” Zimmer said and turned back to the helm controls.

The Pioneer quickly dived down, but the center of the ship was hit. As a result the Pioneer began to spin out of control. Kelsoe was knocked off his feet.

“Keep us, steady, Mr. Zimmer!” Kelsoe shouted. “Connor, take Craig's position!”

Burt scrambled over to the tactical station and worked the console.

“Picking up another torpedo!” Tuff said.

The torpedo struck hard on the underbelly of the ship and shook the ship violently. The science station sent sparks flying and the screen began flashing on and off.

“Causalities being reported!” Tuff reported.

Kelsoe climbed on the shaking floor over to Braxis.

“Have a lock yet?” Kelsoe inquired.

“Our sensors are down,” Braxis said.

The ship rocked again and Kelsoe lost his footing. Braxis caught Kelsoe before Kelsoe completely fell. Kelsoe turned to Burt.

“Fire are that ship!” Kelsoe ordered.

“Aye, Captain,” Burt said.

Kelsoe jumped down into his chair.

“Mr. Zimmer,” Kelsoe said. “Evasive maneuver beta five.”

“Yes, Captain,” Zimmer said.

“Fire, Connor!” Kelsoe shouted.

“Yes, Captain,” Burt said and punched the firing button.

Two torpedoes shot out of the Pioneer and shifted towards the massive dark ship. The first torpedo missed, but the second struck the dark ship.

“Captain, I am picking up a huge power serge from the vessel,” Braxis said.

“Confirm,” Tuff said. “The vessel appears to be going through a melt down.”

“What did you target?” Kelsoe asked Burt.

“I tried to find their power system,” Burt said. “So I located the largest amount of plasma readings.”

“That may not have been wise,” Burt said.

“What!” Burt said. “They'll blow up. How was that wise!?”

“By causing a meltdown of their power systems,” Braxis explain, “you have unknowingly caused a chain reaction that well create a large shock wave.”

Kelsoe turned to Zimmer.

“Get us the help out of here!” Kelsoe said.

“The Warp drive is still down,” Zimmer said.

Kelsoe tapped is commbadge.

“Kelsoe to engineering,” Kelsoe said.

“Joanna here,” Joanna said.

“Joanna,” Kelsoe said. “Can you get the warp drive back up.”

“Just a minute, Captain,” Joanna said. “I've been working on it ever since we were first attacked.”

Kelsoe turned to Braxis.

“Go down and help her,” Kelsoe said.

“Aye, Captain,” Braxis nodded and went for the turbolift.

McRoye stood up, from Craig.

“Captain,” McRoye said in a horsed voice.

“Yes? How's Craig?” Kelsoe said.

“Yes, dead, sir,” McRoye said softly.

Tracy burst out into tears.

“No!” she cried, placing her arms around Craig.

Kelsoe stood up and looked up at Burt. Burt's eyes were open wide. Kelsoe turned around.

“Mr. Zimmer,” Kelsoe said, “Locking in course directly for the ship.”


“Do it!” Kelsoe said.

McRoye jumped down into the center of the bridge.

“Ben, what the hell are you doing?” McRoye said.

Kelsoe ignored him.

“Captain!” Tuff cried. “The meltdown is complete.”

Everyone on the bridge looked up at the view screen and saw a large blast of bright light. After the light subsided they saw a purple blue white stream of the shock wave. Kelsoe clenched his hands into fist.

“My god,” McRoye said, and walked over to Tracy.

He took Tracy into his arms as she brayed her head into his chest. McRoye held her tight.

“This is it,” he said softly to himself.

The ship rocked as the primary shock waves hit the ship. Kelsoe stood in the center of the bridge, bending his knees with each hit, keeping is balance.

“Steady, Mr. Zimmer,” Kelsoe said.

“Captain!” Burt said from the tactical station. “What are you doing?!”

“We're heading head first into the shock wave,” Kelsoe said. “It should give us a better chance.”

Suddenly the intercom system beeped. Kelsoe tapped is commbadge.

“Kelsoe, here,” Kelsoe said.

“The warp core's back on line, Captain,” Joanna said.

Kelsoe nearly fainted. He swerved his head over to Zimmer.

“Abort!” Kelsoe said. “Turn us about and go to maximum warp.”

Zimmer punched the helm controls. The Pioneer swung around and went to warp just as the shock wave crossed the space where the Pioneer had been.

Kelsoe walked out of the his ready room and onto the bridge to be receive the damage reports. But he stopped in shock at what he saw.

Craig stood at his station working. Burt turned and looked up at Kelsoe.

“Everything is going smoothly, Captain,” Burt said.

Kelsoe shook his head and walked down into the center of the bridge. What was going on? Was it all a nightmare? Kelsoe sat down in his chair. Burt looked at Kelsoe worried.

“Are you alright, Ben?” Burt said in a lowered voice.

“Yes,” Kelsoe lied. “I just have a headache.”

“You should see Walt,” Burt said.

“No, I'm fine,” Kelsoe said.

“Captain!” Craig suddenly shouted. “There's some sort of ship following us! It's raising it's weapons!”

Burt stood up and turned around to face Craig.

“What! In Warp!” Burt cried.

Kelsoe's jaw dropped down.

“Orders, Captain?” Burt said. “Captain?”

Kelsoe sat there with his jaw dropped. Burt turned around to face the helm.

“Red Alert!” Burt ordered. “All hands brace for impact.”

Kelsoe came out of his ready room and saw Craig, again. It all was happening over and over again. The last hour was repeating itself. Kelsoe had relived it ten times now, and he still did not know how it was happening. But Kelsoe had thought of something. This time Kelsoe walked over to Braxis' station.

Burt stood up and said, “Everything is going smoothly, Captain.”

Kelsoe nodded to show that he acknowledged. Kelsoe turned towards Braxis.

“Are you picking up any temporal signatures?” Kelsoe inquired.

Braxis turned to his station and typed something.

“Yes, Captain,” Braxis said. “We must have go through it a minute ago. But do not think any ship systems have been effected.”

Kelsoe nodded. He knew what was causing it now. But why had it only effected him? Kelsoe heard the beep from Craig's station.

“Captain!” Craig shouted. “There's some sort of ship following us! It's raising it's weapons!”

Kelsoe sighed.

“Red Alert,” Kelsoe said in a matter of fact kind of tone.

This time Kelsoe decided to remain inside his ready room. He needed to think of a way to end all of this. He sat in his chair behind his desk and looked down at the picture of his wife.

“Ann, I need you so badly here,” Kelsoe said.

“Aw, how touching,” came a voice.

Kelsoe looked up and his jaw dropped.

“Q!” he cried as he stood up.

Q smiled and bowed.

“It is I,” Q said. “Thought I'd check out Jean-Luc's prized protégée.”

“Are you the one causing this?” Kelsoe inquired.

Q stepped around the room with his head held high. He smiled.

“Brilliant, isn't it,” Q said. “You're small ship able to destroy the Gurgillian battleship.”

“Gurgillian?” Kelsoe inquired.

“Yes,” Q said with a smile of his gleaming white teeth. “Fascinating people, however they're a bit to violent.”

Q chuckled.

“I don't find that amusing,” Kelsoe said, placing his hands on his hips.

The intercom beeped.

“Captain!” came Burt's voice. “We're picking up a large ship that has suddenly behind us. Can you come to the bridge?”

“That's your cue,” Q smiled, gesturing towards the door.

Kelsoe took a deep breath and glared at Q.

“Acknowledged,” Kelsoe said. “On my way.”

Kelsoe walked out of his ready room and onto the bridge.

“Captain!” Craig said. “They're charging weapons.”

“Red Alert!” Burt said.

Kelsoe stepped down into the center of the bridge.

“Hail them,” Kelsoe said.

“Aye, Captain,” Tracy said. “No response.”

“Keep hailing them,” Kelsoe ordered. “Mr. Zimmer, drop out of warp and being evasive maneuver Kelsoe one.”

“Aye, Captain,” Zimmer said.

The Pioneer dropped out of warp and began evasive maneuvers has the gigantic ship dropped out of warp.

“Any response?” Kelsoe inquired.

“No,” Tracy said.

“Then force a channel open!” Kelsoe said.

Tracy nodded and made it so.

“This is Captain Benjamin Kelsoe of the Federation starship Pioneer,” Kelsoe said. “Please, we mean you no harm, we wish to talk.”

“They're hailing,” Tracy said.

“It worked, Captain,” Burt said, standing up behind Kelsoe.

The screen flashed to show someone that looked exactly like a human, except he had green skin.

“I am Servi of the Gurgillian battleship Gurg One,” said the captain. “What have you done to us?”

“We've done nothing,” Kelsoe said.

“We were patrolling sector 8-9 when you suddenly brought us here,” Servi said.

“Look,” Kelsoe said, raising his hands defensively. “I understand what you are going through, but I assure you that we did not do that.”

“Then who did?!” Servi said. “Explain?!”

“Have you ever heard of the Q Continuum?” Kelsoe inquired.

“No,” Servi said. “I have not.”

“The Q are an omnipotent race of super beings that can basically control everything,” Kelsoe explained.

“You lie!” Servi said. “Gurg One out!”

The screen flashed back to the Gurgillian ship.

“Captain, they're charging weapons,” Craig said.

“Mr. Zimmer, get us the hell out of here,” Kelsoe said. “Maximum warp!”

“Aye, Captain,” Zimmer said and turned back to his console.

The Pioneer came about and went to warp.

Kelsoe opened his eyes and he was back in his ready room, sitting in his chair facing the window. He leaned back, with his hands over his face, shaking his head. He could not believe what was going on. The was a flash of white light and Q appeared. Q smiled and winked.

“How's it going, Ben?” Q said stepping over to the desk, and leaning against it. “Having fun?”

“Fun?” Kelsoe said. “Fun!? You call this fun?”

“Of course,” Q said crossing his arms over his chest. “Why? Is it not hard enough?”

“Look,” Kelsoe said standing up. “What's with you and making people fight.”

“I find it pleasurable to watch, of course,” Q said. “All you subspecies fighting is very amusing.”

“Amusing!” Kelsoe said. “Look, you've got to tell me how to stop the Gurgillian without killing them.”

“Ah,” Q said. “That wouldn't be fun.”

“Fine!” Kelsoe said and sat down in his chair.

The intercom beeped.

“Captain!” Craig said. “There's some sort of ship following us! It's raising it's weapons!”

“Acknowledge,” Kelsoe said, and then he turned to Q. “Don't go anywhere.”

Q raised his hands defensively.

“Okay,” Q said.

Kelsoe walked over to the door and into the bridge.

“Your orders, Captain?” Burt inquired.

“Drop out of warp, Mr. Zimmer,” Kelsoe said walking down into the center of the bridge.


“The ship has dropped out of warp as well,” Braxis said.

“Mr. Craig,” Kelsoe said turning towards Craig. “Target the biggest amount of plasma you can locate on their ship and fire torpedoes.”

“Aye, Captain,” Craig said. “Targeting. I'm reading a large amount of plasma. Target locked.”

Kelsoe turned around and looked at the screen.

“Fire!” Kelsoe said clenching his right hand into a fist in front of his face.

“Aye, Captain,” Craig said. “Firing.”

Kelsoe watched as two of their torpedoes shot out and head towards the Gurgillian ship.

“Mr. Zimmer, as soon as the torpedoes hit come about and go to maximum warp,” Kelsoe said.

“Yes, Captain,” Zimmer said.

The torpedoes hit and there was a blinding flash of white light. Kelsoe squinted until he saw the blue and purple shock wave.

“Now, Mr. Zimmer,” Kelsoe said. “Quickly!”

Yes, Captain!” Zimmer said.

The Pioneer turned around and went into warp. Kelsoe exhaled and wiped his forehead.

“Commander Burt, you have the bridge,” Kelsoe said and walked back into his ready room.

Burt stood up and looked around the bridge, confused.

“Alright Q,” Kelsoe said. “You've got to stop this.”

“Sorry, Ben,” Q said. “It's out of my hands.”

“No, not the whole Gurgillian ship thing,” Kelsoe said. “This entire one hour repeating.”

“Oh, that,” Q smiled. “Sorry, Ben, but that's really out of my hands.”

“What?” Kelsoe said.

“It's a natural occurrence,” Q said. “Sorry, I can't do anything, unless you prove to me that you're worth it.”

“Worth it?” Kelsoe said.

“Well, both Jean-Luc and that gorgeous Kathryn Janeway, whom could have been the mother of an omnipotent being, were able to defend human kind,” Q said. “Speaking of Kathy, I understand that she's made Admiral. She always did have spunk.”

“Yes,” Kelsoe said. “And I can defend human kind.”

“That's what I'm hoping,” Q said. “You see, over the years I have become fond of you humans. I find you absolutely fascinating.” Q had a twinkle in his eye. “However the Continuum feels that humanity has had it's time.”

“You mean the Continuum wants to... kill us?” Kelsoe asked.

“Oh no,” Q said with a chuckle. “Merely eliminate your existence.”

Eliminate our existence!” Kelsoe said. “That's the same thing.”

“So maybe it is,” Q said. “But to get my help and get out of this loop, you need to demonstrate why humanity should be saved. Bye.”

Q snapped his fingers and he disappeared in a flash of light.

“Why humanity should be saved, huh?” Kelsoe said rubbing his chin.

Kelsoe sat in his ready room staring at a picture of his wife.

“How can I show why humanity should be saved, Ann?” Kelsoe said out load. He picked up the picture frame and placed his hand on her cheek. A tear started to form and it trickled down his cheek.

“That's it,” Kelsoe said. “Compassion.”

Kelsoe placed Ann's picture back on his desk and walked out of the ready room. Once on the bridge Kelsoe walked down to the center and sat in his chair.

“Everything is running smoothly,” Burt said.

“I know, Connor,” Kelsoe said with a smile.

“You seem in a good mood,” Burt said.

“I understand what I have to do,” Kelsoe said.

“For what?” inquired Burt.

“You'll see,” Kelsoe smiled.

Craig's station beeped. Kelsoe's smile faded. It had begun.

“Captain!” Craig said. “There's some sort of ship following us! It's raising it's weapons!”

Burt stood.

“What! In Warp!” Burt cried.

Kelsoe stood and walked calmly up behind Zimmer.

“Drop out of warp, Mr. Zimmer,” Kelsoe said.

“Yes, sir,” Zimmer said.

The Pioneer dropped out of warp.

“The ship has dropped out of warp as well,” Braxis said.

“Ensign Carson,” Kelsoe said. “Force a channel open.”

“Shouldn't we hail them?” Burt said.

“They wouldn't respond,” Kelsoe said. “Trust me.”

“Aye, Captain,” Tracy said. “Channel opened.”

Kelsoe turned to the screen and saw the green skinned Gurgillian.

“Hello,” Kelsoe said. “I am Captain Benjamin Kelsoe of the Federation starship Pioneer.”

“I am Se...,” Servi began.

“Servi of the Gurgillian battleship Gurg One,” Kelsoe said. “You were patrolling sector 8-9 when you were suddenly brought here.”

“How do you know that?” Servi asked.

Burt turned and looked at Kelsoe.

“Yeah,” Burt said. “How do you know that?”

“It's kind of a long story,” Kelsoe said to both Burt and Servi.

Kelsoe turned back to Servi.

“Why did you do this?” Servi demanded.

“We did not do anything,” Kelsoe said.

“You lie,” Servi said quickly.

“Listen to me,” Kelsoe said. “I've been stuck in a continuous loop of one hour. I have experienced this exact hour for almost a day know. I think I know what I am talking about.”

The turbolift doors opened and Dr. McRoye stepped onto the bridge.

“Captain...,” McRoye began but then saw Servi. “Uh, never mind.”

“Ah, good,” Kelsoe said when he saw McRoye. “This is our chief medical officer - come down, Doc. He'll be able to prove what I have said.”

McRoye stepped down into the center of the bridge.

“What do you want me to do, Ben?” McRoye inquired.

“Tell them how long I've been awake,” Kelsoe said. “Use your tricorder.”

McRoye took out his medical tricorder and scanned Kelsoe.

“From the my scans it says that you've been awake from nearly...,” McRoye paused, “twenty three hours.”

Kelsoe turned back to Servi.

“We too are reading that,” Servi said. “But there are ways of staying up that long.”

“I know, but....,” Kelsoe thought. “Braxis, scan me for an Temporal signatures.”

“Temporal signatures, Captain?” Braxis said raising his eyebrow.

“Just do it, please, Braxis,” Kelsoe said.

Braxis took out his tricorder and ran it up and down Kelsoe.

“Curious,” Braxis said. “You do in fact have a temporal signature attached to you.”

Kelsoe turned back to Servi.

“Well?” Kelsoe inquired.

“We too are reading that,” Servi said. “Strange it is.”

“Please,” Kelsoe said. “I would like to explain everything. Would you mind beaming over?”

“Sure,” Servi said. “This is as your crewman said, 'curious'.”

Kelsoe stood at the head of the conference table. To his right was Servi. Kelsoe had just finished explain everything.

“Hmmm,” Servi said rubbing his chin. “Something incredible has happened, yes. But what?”

“We must have gone through a temporal wake,” Joanna said.

“Indeed,” Braxis said. “It must have been small enough to avoid detection.”

“And you say this... Q, can fix everything?” questioned Servi. “Send my ship back to Gurgo and take you out of this temporal wake?”

“Yes,” Kelsoe nodded. “He said that I needed to so why my people should be spared from annihilation.”

“Your people should not be,” Servi said. “You have been so considerate with me. I do not understand many of the things you talk about, but you seem to have great empathy for my predicament.”

Suddenly there was a flash of bright light and Q appeared next to Kelsoe.

“Brilliant, Captain!” Q said.

“Who's this?!” Servi cried.

“May I introduce, the one and only Q,” Kelsoe said.

Q bowed.

“So you took us away from our patrol to test Captain Kelsoe and his people?” Servi asked.

“Well, to be frank,” Q said. “Not at first. But then the Continuum insisted that I test humanity immediately. They couldn't even have the decency to wait a couple hundred years. You see, I wanted Captain Kelsoe here to triumph. I've grown quite fond of human kind, especially Kathy.”

“Q,” Braxis said. “Am I right in assuming that the test is over and that Captain Kelsoe as passed?”

“Yes, my Vulcan comrade,” Q said with a smile.

Braxis raised his eyebrow and said, “Indeed.”

“Are you able to send my ship and me back to sector 8-9?” Servi inquired of Q.

“Ah yes,” Q said. “Where are my manners. Buckle your seat belt.”

Q snapped his fingers and Servi disappeared in a flash of light. In space the Gurg One disappeared as well. Kelsoe turned to Q.

“Well?” Kelsoe said.

“Ah very well,” Q said. “After all a promise is a promise.”

Q snapped his fingers.

“I've taken you out of the temporal wake,” Q said. “To bad, you could have lived forever.”

“But it would have been the same hour over and over again,” Kelsoe said.

“That wouldn't be pleasant,” Burt agreed.

Kelsoe turned to Braxis.

“Yes, Captain?” Braxis inquired.

“I want your opinion, Braxis,” Kelsoe said with a smile.

“The Vulcan Science Ministry says that time travel is impossible,” Braxis said. “Yet...,” he glanced over at Q, “the Q are capable of manipulating it.”

Q chuckled.

“You flatter me, my Vulcan friend,” Q said.

“I am not your friend,” Braxis said.

Q smiled. “Sometime the Continuum should take a closer look at Vulcans. They don't enjoy life.”

“Now that I can agree with,” Burt said.

“Oh, come on, Connor,” Tuff said.

“You know you're thinking the same thing, Rob,” Burt said.

Tuff and Burt laughed. Soon all, expect Braxis, were laughing. Q was the last to finish. He wiped a tear out of his eye and smiled.

“Well, I guess I should take my leave,” Q said. “And if you're very lucky, I'll drop by to say hello, from time to time. See you out there.”

Q snapped his fingers and he disappeared.