written by Travis Cannon

Doctor Walter McRoye crawled slowly through the cavern. The rest of the away team had already beamed up. Commander Tuff had made it clear that he did no like McRoye going into the caverns, but he let him go anyway. This was in fact one of the only times that McRoye had ever gone on an away mission, and so far he was enjoying it.

McRoye looked up and saw the opening of the cave and crawled towards it. McRoye reached the opening in a matter of second and climbed out of the cave. He straightened his back and looked around the glorious sight he saw before him. The sun was setting.

“God, that's beautiful,” McRoye said aloud.

His commbadge beeped and he tapped it.

“McRoye here,” he said.

“Lock Doctor,” came Burt's voice, “I think it's time for you to come back. Lieutenant Craig will be awaiting you in transporter room one.”

“Understood,” McRoye said. “Just let me take a holo-photo of this sun set.”

“Okay,” Burt said. “But make it snappy, Doc. Get snappy as in snap.”


“You know, snap shot?” Burt said, chuckling.

“Uh, yes, very amusing Commander,” McRoye said.

He raised the holo-camera and framed the sun set the best he could. He then took a snap shot of the sun set. He then tapped in badge.

“McRoye to Pioneer,” McRoye said. “One to beam up.”

“Targeting,” Ensign Kavoc said. “I have a lock on his life sign.”

Craig stood beside him, watching.

“Good,” Craig said.

“I'm receiving distortions from the surface atmosphere,” Kavoc said. “Compensating.”

“Do you have him?” Craig inquired.

“I believe I do,” Kavoc said. “Energizing.”

Kavoc pressed the transportation button and to both his and Craig's surprise two life forms patterns appeared on the transporter pad.

“What's happening?” Craig inquired.

Kavoc looked down at the console.

“It appears that we have transported two people,” Kavoc said. “Power buffers are being stressed.”

“Try rerouting the power from engineering,” Craig said.

“Attempting,” Kavoc said. “I believe I have it, sir.”

The two beams of blue light faded and Craig's jaw dropped. Kavoc eyebrow raised. Standing on the transporter pad was not Dr. McRoye, but in fact two Dr. McRoyes. One's uniform was a standard blue Starfleet uniform and the other was a Starfleet Medical uniform. Both McRoyes looked at each other with wide eyes.

“Doctor, Doctor, I presume,” Kavoc said, glancing at Craig.

Both McRoyes stood in sickbay being examined by the Emergency Medical Hologram or EMH. Captain Kelsoe and Commander Burt stood near by. The sickbay doors opened and Braxis walked into the room. Craig entered behind Braxis.

“Well?” Kelsoe inquired of the EMH.

“Nothing to worry, Captain,” the EMH said. “Both these men are completely fine. Perfectly healthy.”

“Thank you,” McRoye said.

“Oh, shut up, you damn hologram,” the other said.

“Mmm,” the EMH said. “I people say I have a bad bed side manner.”

“Look, Doc,” Burt said stepping forward. “These men are twins, they're the same guy. He's be split.”

The EMH raised his eyebrow.

“If I knew exactly what happened, Commander,” the EMH said, “then I'd be able to make a better analysis.”

“He's right there, Ben,” McRoye said.

Braxis stepped around the medical beds and glanced at the two doctors.

“Captain,” Braxis said, “May I make a hypothesis?”

“Of course, Braxis,” Kelsoe said.

“Oh great the green blooded bastard's going to make a hypothesis,” the other McRoye said.

“I believe that Dr. McRoye has been split into two personalities,” Braxis said.

“Duh!?” the other McRoye said.

“Quiet,” McRoye said. “This is not how a doctor should be acting.”

“How should you know? I've had a great time without you.”

Braxis carefully stepped away from the two doctors.

“May I suggest, Captain,” Braxis said, “that we activate a force field around the two doctors.”

“Is that wise, Captain?” Burt asked.

“It maybe a wise decision right now,” Kelsoe said and turned to Braxis. “Do it.”

Braxis walked over to one of the consoles and typed in the command. A blue force field was erected in front of the two beds. The angry doctor stood up and placed a hand on the force field. The other one grabbed his arm.

“Walt,” McRoye said. “I don't think that is wise.”

“Oh buzz of you old bat,” the angry McRoye said. “And don't call me Walt. Call me... Doc.”

“Alright,” McRoye said. “Doc.”

The two McRoyes retreated to their bed and sat down. Kelsoe, Burt and Braxis stepped off to the side. Craig stayed and looked at the two McRoyes.

“Lieutenant?” the EMH said.

“Yes, Doctor?” Craig said.

“Do you require medical assistance?” the EMH inquired.

“No,” Craig said.

“Then I must ask you to leave the sickbay,” the EMH said.

Craig smiled nervously and left.

“What happened?” Kelsoe asked.

“According to Lieutenant Craig and Ensign Kavoc there was a distortion in the atmosphere of the planet during transportation,” Braxis said, “I would like to request Lt. Commander Withrome and Lieutenant Craig's assistance in finding out exactly what caused this.”

“Granted,” Kelsoe said. “But make one thing clear, I want Dr. McRoye back in his normal state.”

“I cannot guarantee success, Captain,” Braxis said, but noticed Kelsoe's expression. “But I will try.”

“Make it so,” Kelsoe said.

Braxis gave a nod and left the sickbay. Kelsoe turned to Burt. Burt had his head hung down.

“What's the matter, Connor?” Kelsoe asked.

“I should have given Doc more time,” Burt said.

“Connor,” Kelsoe said. “This wasn't your fault. Something went wrong.”

“Ben!” shouted Doc.

Kelsoe turned around and looked at the angry McRoye.

“Yes, Doc,” Kelsoe said.

“Why the hell are you keeping me behind a damn force field!” Doc said. “It's this one who's ruined me.”

Kelsoe glanced over at McRoye. He looked perfectly harmless.

“Him?” Kelsoe asked pointing at McRoye.

“Yes,” said Doc. “I'm the better doctor.”

“I'm afraid not,” the EMH interrupted. “As the room goes, I am the better doctor. Even when you are whole.”

“Computer,” Burt said. “Deactivate the Emergency Medical Hologram.”

“Not wait one minute...,” the EMH said before he was deactivated.

“Thanks, Connor,” Doc said.

“I didn't do that for you,” Burt said. “I did it for me.”

“So the doctor's been split into two,” Craig said.

“Yes,” Braxis said. “Each containing a different part of his emotional structure. Yet another reason for the logically way of life.”

“Well, whatever happened,” Joanna said, “I don't think we can reverse it. Well, at least not know.”

All three of them were at the scene of the crime, so to speak. Ensign Kavoc stood behind the transport station. Braxis stepped up behind the station.

“Ensign,” Braxis said. “Please access the transporter logs from earlier.”

“Aye, Commander,” Kavoc said typing at the console.

On a small screen the read out of the transport log printed out on the screen. Braxis raised his right eyebrow has he read over it.

“Download this onto a data pad for me, Ensign,” Braxis ordered.

“Yes, sir,” Kavoc said, and began typing.

Braxis stepped down to the transporter pad. Joanna had a tricorder out and was scanning up and down the transporter pad. Craig stood behind the transporter console, reading over the data from the logs.

“Found anything yet, Lt. Commander?” Braxis inquired.

“I'm getting strange readings of an ionic compound,” Joanna said. “One such as I've never seen before.”

Braxis stepped over and took out his tricorder. He scanned the area where Joanna had been scanning.

“Indeed, there is an unknown ionic compound signature,” Braxis said. “However there is nothing that remains of the compound.”

“What if we can get readings of it from Dr. McRoye?” Joanna asked.

“Then we will know more about why the doctor split into two,” Braxis agreed.

Braxis stepped off of the transport pad.

“Lieutenant Craig,” Braxis said. “Remain here and finish going over the data in the logs. Once you've finished give me the data pad with the transport logs on it.”

“Yes, Commander,” Craig said.

“Lt. Commander,” Braxis said. “Shall we go back to sickbay.”

“Yes,” Joanna said.

Joanna and Braxis stood outside the force field. Commander Tuff and two security personal stood beside them. Tuff turned to his men.

“Set phasers are stun,” Tuff said.

They nodded and adjusted their phasers. Tuff walked over the console facing the beds and the looked up that Braxis. Braxis nodded.

“Deactivating force field,” Tuff said.

The humming of the force field disappeared, along with the force field. The McRoye, who instead on being called Doc, made a brake for it, however stopped when he saw the two security personal standing there with their phasers pointed at him.

“You may proceed, Lt. Commander,” Braxis said.

Joanna stepped towards Doc and took out her tricorder. She ran it up and down Doc's body.

“What are you doing?” Doc inquired suspiciously.

“I'm just scanning your body for any traces of an ionic compound,” Joanna said as she finished her scan of Doc.

She turned towards McRoye. But as soon as see did Doc jumped her from behind and took her phaser out and shot one of the security officers. Both Braxis and Tuff took out their phasers and aimed at Doc.

“Put the phaser down, Doctor,” Braxis said.

“It's Doc you green blooded Vulcan!” Doc said. “Get it right damn it! It's Doc!”

“Very well,” Braxis said. “Put down the phaser, Doc, our we will fire.”

“Wow!” Doc said, “I'm sorry scared. You're going to stun me. That's going to hurt.”

Tuff took a step forward.

“Don't move any closer, Commander,” Doc said, grabbing Joanna and pressing the phaser against her head. Joanna's eyes were wide with terror. “Or you'll have to saw good-bye to Withrome's pretty little head.”

Tuff glanced at Braxis.

“What are you going to do, Vulcan!?” Doc asked.

“For the moment, nothing,” Braxis admitted.

“I thought so,” Doc said.

McRoye stood up.

“What are you doing, Doc?” McRoye inquired.

“Stay out of this, or her head goes bye-bye,” Doc said with a mad twinkle in his eye.

McRoye backed down.

“Look,” Doc said, turning back towards Braxis and Tuff. “There's only one solution to this. Lower you phasers and give me a shuttle.”

“I'm afraid I can't do that, Doctor,” Braxis said.

Doc violently shook Joanna in his arms.

“Then do you want to see her dead!?” Doc inquired.

Braxis glanced at Tuff. Tuff reluctantly nodded.

“Then you give me no choice,” Braxis said and lowered his phaser.

Tuff and the security personal did the same. Still with Joanna held tightly close to him, Doc made his way for the sickbay doors. In a matter of seconds he had made his escape. Braxis tapped his commbadge.

“Commander Braxis to the bridge,” Braxis said.

“Bridge here,” Kelsoe said. “What is it, Braxis?”

“One of the doctors well be leaving on a shuttle craft soon,” Braxis said.

“Can't you stop him?” Kelsoe said.

“He's got a hostage, Captain,” Tuff said.

“Who?” Kelsoe inquired.

“Lt. Commander Joanna Withrome,” Braxis informed Kelsoe.

From the bridge Kelsoe and Burt watched as the shuttle craft sped away from Pioneer. Kelsoe stepped up behind Zimmer.

“I want you to follow its trail, Mr. Zimmer,” Kelsoe said. “We're not leaving Joanna in the hands of that madman.”

Zimmer nodded.

“That madman is part of Dr. McRoye's personality,” Burt said.

Kelsoe turned and looked at Burt with a long face.

“I know you didn't get along with Walt all the time,” Kelsoe said. “But I understand how you feel. I feel it, too.”

Kelsoe turned to Craig, who had returned from transporter room one.

“Try and keep a lock on both of them,” Kelsoe said.

“Aye, Captain,” Craig said.

“Captain,” Zimmer said. “He's going to warp.”

“Match speed and follow,” Kelsoe said.

“Yes, sir,” Zimmer said and punched in the commands on the helm control station.

Meanwhile, Braxis was in the sickbay with Ensign Kavoc. Kavoc had brought back an analysis of the ionic compound.

“This is impressive, Ensign,” Braxis said giving the data pad a cursory glance.

“Thank you, Commander,” Kavoc said. “I have analyzed Lt. Commander Withrome's readings of the doctors.”


“Both of them so separate components of the ionic compound,” Kavoc said.

“Separate components?” Braxis repeated.

“Yes, Commander,” Kavoc said. “I believe that during transportation, the ionic compound under went fission.”

Dr. McRoye stood up from the bed.

“So it accidentally beamed up with me,” McRoye said.

“Correct,” Kavoc said, turning to look at McRoye. “During transportation the ionic compound somehow became linked to your genetic make-up.”

“And the fission occurred in me,” McRoye said. “But instead of split ions it split my personality into to separate people.”

“Precisely,” Kavoc said.

Braxis' eyebrow rose.

“Interesting hypothesis,” Braxis said. “I believe you may be right.”

Braxis paused for a moment.

“Ensign, come with me,” Braxis said.

Braxis lead the way out of the sickbay. McRoye stood there and shrugged.

“Computer, activate the Emergency Medical Hologram,” McRoye said.

The EMH appeared.

“Please state the nature of the medical emergency,” the EMH said.

He stopped and looked around, seeing McRoye standing there.

“Oh,” the EMH said. “It's you.”

Kelsoe sat behind his desk in his ready room and shook his head.

“This is a little hard to believe,” Kelsoe said.

“I understand, Captain,” Braxis said. “But I believe the Ensign Kavoc is correct. All our analysis lead to this conclusion.”

Kelsoe turned and looked at Burt.

“I'd have to agree with Braxis on this one, Captain,” Burt said.

Kelsoe shook his head.

“There's no way to reverse it?” Kelsoe questioned.

“I'm afraid not,” Braxis said.

Kavoc opened his mouth to saw something, but then stopped when he looked at Braxis.

“Yes, Ensign,” Kelsoe said. “What were you going to say?”

“Well,” Kavoc said. “It may be possible. If we can get back Lt. Commander Withrome, I am sure that with her help I can find a way that might work.”

“Sorry, Braxis,” Kelsoe said. “I like Ensign Kavoc's plan. Commander Burt, prepare tell the crew the plan.”

“Aye, Captain,” Burt said and exited the ready room.

Kelsoe sat on the bridge as they followed Doc's shuttle craft through warp. Kelsoe turned his head towards Tuff.

“Prepare to beam them out, Commander Tuff,” Kelsoe said.

“Yes, sir,” Tuff said. “I have locked on to their life signs. Awaiting your order.”

“We've got to distract them,” Kelsoe said. “Get him to lower his shields.”

“I've got it, Captain,” Burt said. “Lieutenant Craig, prepare to fire phasers. Modulate phasers every five seconds.” Burt turned back to Kelsoe. “That should force him to lower his shields.”

Kelsoe agreed, “He'll have to change the shield frequency. Do it.”

“Fire phasers, Mr. Craig,” Burt ordered.

“Yes, Commander,” Craig said and punched the phasers button on his console.

The phasers shot out and hit the shuttle's shield.

“He is modulating his shields,” Braxis said.

“Now, Commander Tuff,” Kelsoe said.

“Energizing,” Tuff said. “We have them.”

“Drop out of warp, Mr. Zimmer,” Kelsoe said. “And tractor in the shuttle.”

Kelsoe stood up.

“Mr. Craig, Braxis,” Kelsoe said. “Come with me to sickbay. Commander, you have the bridge.”

Kelsoe left the bridge with Braxis and Craig.

Doc paced back and forth behind the force field. The EMH stood on the other side of the force field treating Joanna's injures.

“Luckily for you he is not a very strong man,” the EMH said, as he ran his medical tricorder of Joanna.

The sickbay doors opened, Kelsoe, Braxis and Craig walked in.

“Is Lt. Commander Withrome well enough for duty, doctor?” Kelsoe asked.

“Yes,” the EMH said.

“Good,” Kelsoe said. “Joanna, I want you to go to transporter room one. Kavoc will be waiting there for you.”

“Yes, sir,” Joanna said and left.

“What are you going to do? Huh?” Doc inquired. “Kill me.”

“No,” Kelsoe said.

“We will merely be restoring Dr. McRoye to his true self,” Braxis said.

“Humph!” Doc said. “You'd be killing me. I'm afraid you haven't notice, Captain, but I am my own person.”

“No, your not,” Kelsoe said. “You're half of Doctor Walter McRoye.”

“And who's he!? Huh? If not just an old man?” Doc said.

“He's a valuable member of this crew,” Kelsoe said, “and a very good friend.”

“Well, I'm sorry to break it to you, Captain, but your friend his gone,” Doc said.

“No, he is not,” McRoye said. He had been waiting in the corner of the sickbay. “He is here, just not complete. All Ben wants to do is bring McRoye back.”

“You will die as well,” Doc said.

“I'm already half dead, as are you,” McRoye said. “We are missing part of ourselves. We need to come back together.”

“I won't do it,” Doc said.

“Very well,” Kelsoe said. “Doctor.”

The EMH walked through the force field with a hypo-spray. Doc back up against the wall.

“No!” Doc cried. “You can't do this. You are sending someone to their death, Doctor.”

“You are not a person,” the EMH said. “Only half of one.”

The EMH grabbed Doc by his arm and pulled away from the wall. Then the EMH gave Doc the injection. Doc fell limp.

“What did you do to him?” Craig inquired.

“Only a mild tranquilizer,” the EMH said.

McRoye stood on the transporter pad, next to the tranquilized Doc. Kelsoe stood behind the transporter station with Braxis. Joanna and Kavoc were working the controls.

“Are you ready?” Kelsoe asked.

“Yes, Captain,” McRoye said.

“Okay,” Kelsoe said. “Energize.”

“Yes, Captain,” Kavoc said.

Kavoc punched some commands into the console and the two doctors disappeared in a shimmer of blue light.

“Attempting to produce fusion between the two life forms,” Joanna said.

Suddenly an alarm beeped on the console.

“What's happening?” Kelsoe inquired.

Joanna looked down at the console.

“The ionic compound is decaying,” Joanna said. “Kavoc, try boosting the signal.”

“Aye,” Kavoc said typing in the appropriate commands. “Power buffers are over heating. Attempting to compensate.”

“We're losing him, Captain!” Joanna said.

Kelsoe shook his head.

“Abort,” Kelsoe ordered.

“Yes, sir,” Kavoc said and pressed the abort button.

An alarm went off.

“Unable to act out last command,” the computer said.

“What!” Kelsoe said. “Shut off transporter power.”

“Done, sir,” Kavoc said.

The blue light shimmered again and one McRoye appeared on the transporter pad. McRoye was laying flat on his back. Braxis stepped down and took out his tricorder and ran in up and down McRoye's body. Then Braxis straightened and turned around.

“He is dead, sir,” Braxis reported.

Kelsoe stumbled back. Kavoc caught him and helped him regain his footing. Joanna lowered her head to the console.

“I am sorry, Captain,” Braxis said.

Kelsoe nodded.

“Prepare for a funeral for Dr. McRoye,” Kelsoe ordered.

“Aye, Captain.”

Kelsoe stood in the empty sickbay. He closed his hand into a fist. Sickbay just wouldn't be the same without Dr. McRoye. He had sent a transmission after the funeral service to Starfleet Command informing them of what happened and requesting a new chief medical officer. Whoever they got to replace McRoye, he or she had been shoes to fill.

The doors opened and Burt walked in.

“Captain,” Burt said.

“Connor,” Kelsoe nodded. “I can't believe he's gone.”

“I was all just a freak accident, Captain,” Burt said. “There was nothing you could have done.”

“Yeah,” Kelsoe said. “I guess your right.”

Suddenly, from the chief medical officer's office came the EMH.

“Oh, hello Doctor,” Burt said.

“No one deactivated me! Is it just the fact that I am a hologram, or do people just forget I'm here?” the EMH said.

Burt looked at Kelsoe, then back at the EMH and laughed.

“This is not funny, Commander,” the EMH said.

Kelsoe eventually joined Burt.

“Please, stop laughing,” the EMH said. “Will some one please deactivate me!?”