EPISODE 1.10 - “THE REMOVAL” - Part One

written by Travis Cannon

Captain Benjamin Kelsoe stood in the transporter room awaiting there new doctor. He was unable to select a specific doctor, so he had Starfleet Command assign one. According to Admiral Hayes their new doctor was good. Craig stood behind the transporter console with Ensign Kavoc. Burt stood beside Kelsoe.

“The Niagara is ready for transporting,” Kavoc announce.

“Very well,” Kelsoe said, nodding. “Make it so.”

“Aye, sir,” Craig said.

“Energizing,” Kavoc said as he punched in the buttons on the console.

A blue light filled the transporter pad and then they say their new doctor. Lt.  Commander Chase Braga was thin, but not athletic, and he had short black hair. Kelsoe looked over the man's uniform and was pleased to see that it was neat and kept in order. Braga stepped down off the transporter pad and stuck out his hand.

“Captain Kelsoe,” Braga said.

Kelsoe caught an accent.

“Are you from New York?” Kelsoe inquired as he shook hands.

“Born and raised,” Braga said. “You sir?”

“Montana,” Kelsoe said.

The released hands. Kelsoe stepped back and gestured to Burt.

“This is Commander Connor Burt,” Kelsoe said, “the First Officer.”

“Commander,” Braga said as he shook hands with Burt.

“Just curious, would you like us to call you Doctor?” Burt inquired.

“No, no,” Braga said. “Chase would be fine.”

“Interesting name,” Burt said.

“It's been in my family for generations,” Braga said.

Braga looked up towards the crew behind the transporter control station and dropped his bag. He ran up behind the station.

“Norm!” Braga cried as he and Craig hugged.

“It's been a while,” Craig said.

Braga smiled and turned back to see both Kelsoe and Burt's confused faces.

“Oh,” Braga said. “Norm and I are friends from the Academy.”

“I understand,” Kelsoe said glancing at Burt.

Burt smiled and nodded.

“It's alright,” Burt said. “There's a lot of friends here. We like to be like a family.”

“I like that,” Braga said as be bent down to pick up his bag.

“Craig,” Kelsoe said. “Would you like to show Dr. Braga...”

“Chase would be fine,” Braga said.

Burt looked at Braga, at Kelsoe and then back at Braga.

“What?” Braga said to Burt. “You said you like to be like a family.”

“Well...,” Burt began.

“It's alright, Connor,” Kelsoe said. “For right now I'll be calling you Dr. Braga.”

“Sure,” Braga said. “Whatever is good for you.”

“Chase,” Craig said gesturing towards the door. “I'll show you to you're quarters, and then if the Captain let me, I'll give you a tour.”

“That's okay, Norm,” Braga said. “But I'd like to get a look at sickbay first.”

“Sure,” Craig said.

Craig lead Braga out the room.

“Ensign,” Kelsoe said. “Inform the bridge that I'm on my way back up.”

“Aye, Captain,” Kavoc said.

Kelsoe and Burt left the transporter room and entered the hallways. Kelsoe turned right and began walking, Burt at his side.

“We'll get used to him, Captain,” Burt said.

“He just seems so young to be a chief medical officer,” Kelsoe said.

“He is,” Burt said. “You know who is father is?”

“Yes,” Kelsoe said, nodded.

“Admiral Albert Braga,” Burt said.

“He's one of Admiral Hayes' advisors,” Kelsoe said. “I've met him once. It was at my promotion to Captain, after Hayes presented the captain pin, Admiral Braga gave me a briefing on the current political situation with So'ja Government.”

They came the turbolift and stepped inside.

“Bridge,” Kelsoe commanded.

The turbolift doors shut and began to quietly hum as it sped towards the bridge.

“Isn't he in charge of all Federation operations in So'ja space?” Burt asked.

“Yes,” Kelsoe said. “Admiral Anton is one of his subordinates.”

“Anton confirmed the rebellion's capture of Jas'min?” Burt asked.

Kelsoe nodded, slowly.

“Yes,” Kelsoe said. “Their next stop is Ka'al. The capital of the So'ja Republic.”

The turbolift stopped and the doors opened.

“Bridge,” the computer said.

Kelsoe and Burt walked out onto the bridge. Commander Tuff stood up from the Captain's chair and stepped aside.

“The Niagara's wished us luck and has now departed,” Tuff reported.

Kelsoe stepped down into the center of the bridge and stopped beside Tuff. He laid a hand on Tuff's shoulder.

“You deserve sometime in the holodeck, Rob,” Kelsoe said.

“Thank you, sir,” Tuff said. “But I'd prefer to stay on the bridge.”

“Very well,” Kelsoe nodded.

Tuff went back to his security station. Tracy spun around in her chair.

“Where's Nor... I mean Lt. Craig?” Tracy said.

Burt turned around.

“He's showing Dr. Braga sickbay,” Burt said and sat down in his chair.

Kelsoe turned to face the view screen, which showed Andres Rae. It had been just a couple of days since they had shuttled Grace Mul La here for a Federation conference. However the Revolution was the ship picked to escort the Grace home. Kelsoe had wished that Admiral Braga would have selected Pioneer to do that, but he had to arrange for picking up their new doctor. Lt. Commander Braga should really only be a lieutenant, however with where his father is, he had been given the rank of Lt. Commander before living Deep Space Five. Kelsoe sat down.

“Engage impulse engines, Mr. Zimmer,” Kelsoe said. “I want to get a nice long look at Andres Rae.”

“Aye, Captain,” Zimmer said.

As the ship circled Andres Rae, Tracy turned around in her chair.

“Captain,” she said. “We're being hailed by Starfleet Command.”

Kelsoe stood up and straightened his uniform.

“On screen,” he said.

The screen blinked to the interior of Deep Space Five's Starfleet Command office. Admiral Anton was sitting at his desk.

“I've got bad news for you, Ben,” Anton said. “The So'ja Rebellion has taken Ka'al. Now all of the major So'ja planets have been captured by the Rebellion. I am sending you information on your mission, which is consider classified.”

“Understood, Admiral,” Kelsoe said.

“Tell only your senior staff the full extent of the mission,” Anton said. “Good luck and god speed. Anton out.”

The screen went back to showing Andres Rae.

“Commander Burt,” Kelsoe said. “You have the bridge. Ensign Carson, transfer Admiral Anton's transmission to my ready room. Have the senior staff met in the conference room at fifteen hundred hours.”

Kelsoe stepped quickly out the bridge and into his ready room. Burt stayed standing on the bridge. He looked around confused and nervous.

Kelsoe stood behind his chair in the conference room. Craig sat in the middle of Tracy and Braga. Joanna and Braxis sat next to each other. Zimmer sat at end of the table next to Tuff. And Burt stood beside Kelsoe. Kelsoe had a long face.

“The So'ja Coalition,” Kelsoe said. “That is what the new government is calling itself. Know we don't have all the data, but this is what Starfleet Command thinks what happened: The Rebellion had another destroyer just like the Isen'bul that the Tulop ship destroyed, except this one is fully operational.”

“Oh boy,” Craig said sinking in his chair.

Under the table, out of everyone's eye shot, Craig and Tracy grabbed each other's hand. Kelsoe inhaled and continued.

“This one is called the Kal'sa, and its the flag ship of the So'ja Coalition's fleet. It's commanded by Maj Da'note. As of right now Starfleet believes that the Kal'sa is orbiting Deac'on, which is about ten light years from Ka'al.”

“Do we know the size of their fleet?” Tuff inquired.

“As of yet, no,” Kelsoe said. “Now Commander Burt will explain our mission.”

“Thank you, Captain,” Burt said and stepped forward. “Our mission is needless to say, extreme dangerous.”

Zimmer and Craig exchanged glances. Tuff nodded as if he had suspect so much. Braxis stared fixedly on Burt. Braga felt as if he was almost out of his element. The first mission aboard in new ship was going to be dangerous. Not just dangerous at that, but extremely dangerous.

“We have been ordered to head for Ka'al and remove Ba'l, the President of the Republic,” Burt said.

“Excuse me,” Braga said. “But wouldn't he already be dead?”

“According to our inside sources, Ba'l will not be killed,” Kelsoe said. “The Chancellor of the So'ja Coalition, Ar'kon is the son-in-law of the So'jan's last King. He has great empathy for Ba'l's life, therefore Ba'l will not die. Ar'kon wants Ba'l to see him build an Empire that is stronger than the Federation to prove that the So'ja alliance with the Federation was pointless.”

“Oh,” Braga said.

“Continue, Commander,” Kelsoe said.

“We need to expect high resistance from the Coalition,” Burt said. “Ar'kon doesn't want to give Ba'l up that easily. Yes, this is going to be tricky but we are going to do it.”

“Why isn't the Enterprise doing this?” Craig said and noticed Kelsoe's expression. “No offense, Captain, but the Pioneer is no match for a So'ja Destroyer.”

“Hopefully we don't encounter the Destroyer,” Kelsoe said. “I here the Da'note is a better warrior than Ru'mal.”

“Admiral Ru'mal was just distracted when he saw that Commander Burt was the first officer of this ship,” Braxis said. “I believe it his highly unlikely that any other So'ja is as cunning a battleship commander as Admiral Ru'mal.”

“Duly noted, Braxis,” Kelsoe said with a nod. “Now we will be getting assistance from the Revolution and the Independence. I've worked with both Captains. They won't let us down. Mr. Zimmer, I won't you to plot a course for the So'ja border. It has now become the Neutral Zone between So'ja controlled space and the So'ja system control by us. Dismissed!”

Everyone got up and exited the room, expect for Braxis and Burt. Kelsoe smiled slightly. He turned to Braxis.

“I want long range scans on full time,” Kelsoe said. “I want to make sure that the So'ja Destroyer does not sneak up on us.”

“That is a wise decision, Captain,” Braxis said.

Braxis nodded and left. Kelsoe turned to Burt, who also was wearing a long face.

“I liked how Braga spoke up,” Kelsoe said.

Burt nodded in agreement, “Poor guy. Is first mission is a death trap. I hope he's as good a doctor as his father's an admiral, because we are going to have causalities.”

“Connor!” Kelsoe said outraged. “Don't say that. We've got to stay strong. We've got to prevail.”

“You know I would never say this in front of the crew, Captain,” Burt said. “But why'd we have to save Ba'l. He's not going to die. He's not in harm. We are interfering with the Prime Directive, Captain!”

“No!” Kelsoe said. “We're not, Connor. We are defending the Federation and everything it stands for. The So'ja Coalition has made it very clear that Federation presence is not welcomed.”

“How do we know that?” Burt asked waving his arms in the air.

“Because they killed Admiral Braga!” Kelsoe shouted.

Kelsoe put his hands on his hips and turned around.

“I didn't have the heart to saw it in front of the entire senior staff with Dr. Braga here,” Kelsoe said. “His father was a great man. Admiral Braga and a group of Federation representatives were meeting with Ba'l when the Rebellion broke into the palace. They killed all Federation personal, execution style, right there.”

Burt lowered his hands and walked up behind Kelsoe and placed a hand on Kelsoe's shoulder.

“More reason to kill those So'ja bastards,” Burt said softly.

The Pioneer had reached the rendezvous point, located on the edge of the border with Federation and So'ja control space and were currently waiting for the Revolution and the Independence. Kelsoe sat in his ready room looking out the window. The So'ja had decided which side they would take towards the Federation. Just like the Romulans, Cardassians and the Dominion, the So'ja decided on becoming the Federation enemy. Kelsoe just did not understand why so many people hated the Federation. He allowed the fact the some may hate them for their beliefs, but why just hate them. That's what it seemed like the So'ja Coalition's position was. It was just hatred. It reminded Kelsoe of the Klingon's position towards the Federation before the treaty at Khitomer, a planet on the Klingon-Romulan border, ended Klingon-Federation aggression.

Kelsoe's eyes drifted down to the picture of his wife. He smiled slightly and the stopped. He was about to go deep into So'ja space. A suicide mission. One with a very low rate of return. But somehow he must make it out and bring Ba'l back to Deep Space Five to be held under the protection of the Federation. The door chimed. Kelsoe looked up.

“Come in,” he said.

The doors swished open and Burt stepped in with a data pad in his hand. He walked up to Kelsoe's desk and placed the data pad down.

“All possible scenarios for rescuing Ba'l from the Ka'al palace,” Burt said. “Tuff, Braxis and I just finished them.”

“Any word from the Revolution or the Independence?” Kelsoe asked.

Revolution is almost here, Captain,” Burt said. “The Independence will arrive in three more hours.”

“Notify me when both ships have arrived,” Kelsoe said.

“Yes, Captain,” Burt said.

“Dismissed,” Kelsoe said and Burt left.

Kelsoe picked up the data pad and looked down at it. He scanned over the rolls of text. It all seemed really complicated. Hopefully when Captain Dickens of the Revolution and Captain Hessman of the Independence arrive they will be able to help come up with a stable plan. So far the best plan Kelsoe saw was an away team beaming into the palace, but first Pioneer would have to shut down the force field generated, which is remotely control by a So'ja space station Mar One, which orbits Ka'al's moon. Kelsoe decided that he'd go over this plan, which Burt, Braxis and Tuff had label Plan Charlie.

This is how the plan would go:

First Pioneer, Revolution and Independence will pick their best crew members to be part of the away teams. There will be two teams. Team Alpha and Team Beta. Team Beta will take out the shield or force field command station on Mar One. Team Alpha will then beam to the surface and rescue President Ba'l. After the Team Alpha safely gets back to the shuttle crafts waiting for them, Pioneer, Revolution and Independence will supply the protection from any So'ja ships.

Kelsoe nodded, happy with this plan. It was the best one out of all the other ones. Kelsoe's commbadge beeped and he tapped it.

“Yes?” Kelsoe asked.

“Captain, both Independence and Revolution are here,” Burt said, “We're beaming the Captains over.”

“Acknowledge,” Kelsoe said. “Have Commander Tuff report to the transporter room to met them and show them to the conference room.”

“Aye, Captain,” Burt said.

“Kelsoe out.”

Kelsoe got up and walked over to his door. He stopped, went back to his desk and picked up the data pad. He chuckled at himself and then exited.

“Captain Benjamin Kelsoe,” Captain Barbara Hessman of the Independence said has she shook Kelsoe's hand. “Jean-Luc has told me quiet a lot about you. Have you heard that Riker's going to get his own command.”

“Ah, no,” Kelsoe said. “I hadn't.”

“He's getting the Titan,” Hessman said.

“It's a fine ship,” Kelsoe agreed.

“Picard told me that he wished he didn't help you get promoted so that you could have taken Riker's place,” Hessman said.

“It would have been big shoes to fill,” Kelsoe said.

“But Jean-Luc had faith in you,” Hessman said. “That's why you're captain of the Pioneer.”

Captain Martin Dickens of the Revolution stepped into the conference room.

“Sorry for being tardy,” Dickens said.

“It's alright, Mart,” Kelsoe said, and gestured the table.

They all sat down, Kelsoe at the head of the table.

“What have your team worked out?” Hessman inquired. “I was delighted to see that Commander Tuff is your security officer.”

“Thanks,” Kelsoe said. “Well, here our plan.”

Kelsoe told them about Plan Charlie. Afterwards Dickens leaned back and nodded.

“It sounds good to me,” Dickens said. “What about you Barbara?”

Hessman shifted in the chair.

“You mean always want to do it all gun-ho,” Hessman said. “However I am force to agree. Military action is the only action that we can take in these times. The So'ja have shown that they will not negotiate with the Federation.”

“Yes, Braga being killed,” Dickens said. “I hear they did it execution style.”

“Please, Martin!” Hessman snapped. “Admiral Braga was a good man, there's no need it retelling the circumstances of his death over and over again.”

“Have you two check my crew manifest?” Kelsoe inquired.

They stared at him blankly.

“No, I have not had the time to, Benjamin,” Hessman said.

“Well, if you had,” Kelsoe continued, “you will notice that Lt. Commander Chase Braga has just been added to my crew.”

“Does he know?” Dickens inquired.

“I had Lt. Craig speak to him,” Kelsoe said. “Craig and him we bodies at the Academy, I thought it would be better for him to do it, instead of me.”

“I don't know about that Benjamin,” Hessman said. “You probably should have talked with him. It would have brought you two closer as a crew.”

Kelsoe stared at Hessman.

“No offense in your commanding skills,” Hessman said. “But I hardly see any hint that you talk with anyone but Commander Burt and Commander Tuff. However this is neither the place or the time to discuss as captain's social obligations. Right now we need to start carrying out this plan.”

“I concur,” Dickens said.

“Good,” Kelsoe said. “I need each of you to select four of your best crewmen for the away mission. I will the split them up into the two teams.”

“Let's do it,” Dickens said.

He and Hessman stood up and left for the transporter room. Kelsoe stood up and paced back and forth. He had already selected his four. He had, of course, picked Tuff to lead Team Beta. Along with Tuff was going to be Ensign Kavoc. The four other members of Team Beta will come from Hessman and Dickens' crews. Team Alpha will be lead by Commander Carey Larson of the Independence. Kelsoe had already decided that he was the best man for the job and he knew that Hessman would pick him. Kelsoe decided that crewman Backers and crewman Manon would be on one of the away teams, but he needed to wait for the full least of away team members before he assigned them into their teams. And finally, both Burt and Braxis would be taking out the two shuttle crafts, to take the away teams into So'ja space. The would be using the prototype stealth device to shield the shuttles from sensors. However Craig had assured Kelsoe that the Pioneer would be able to keep a lock on the shuttles.

Kelsoe turned towards the door and walked out. He walked down a short hallway and up into the bridge. Burt turned and nodded.

“Captain,” Burt said. “All systems are running normally.”

Kelsoe turned to Craig.

“No So'ja ships in sensor range,” Craig said.

Kelsoe walked over to Tuff's station and handed him the data pad with the mission brief and the name of the Pioneer team members. Tuff scanned it.

“You think crewman Manon is up for this?” Tuff inquired.

“Yes,” Kelsoe said. “She pulls this off and she can become Ensign Manon.”

Tuff looked at Kelsoe blankly.

“I know you are proud of the work she's been doing,” Kelsoe said. “I've read your reports about her. I know that you know she's ready for this.”

Tuff nodded.

“I want you to be ready to brief Team Beta on the mission objectives,” Kelsoe said. “I believe I'll have the full team list by thirteen hundred hours.”

“Aye, Captain,” Tuff said.

Kelsoe stepped away from the security station and towards his ready room.

“If I'm needed, I'm be in my ready room,” Kelsoe said.

“Yes, Captain,” Burt said as Kelsoe exited the bridge.

Kelsoe had picked the teams.

Team Alpha:

Team leader - Commander Carey Larson

Pioneer team member - Crewman Backers

Independence team members - Lieutenant Foster and Ensign Wilson

Revolution team members - Crewman Quinn and Lt. Commander Louis

Team Beta:

Team leader - Commander Robert Tuff

Pioneer team members - Ensign Kavoc and Crewman Manon

Independence team member - Lieutenant Carr

Revolution team members - Ensign Williams and Lieutenant Hanson

Kelsoe sat back and nodded after looking over the list. Those teams should work. If not, they'd have to blow up the place and beam Ba'l out. Kelsoe was hoping that it would not come to that.

The door chime beeped.

“Come in.”

Burt stepped in.

“It's thirteen hundred hours, sir,” Burt said.

Kelsoe stood up and handed Bur the list. Burt took it and glanced down.

“Wow,” Burt said softly. “This are some pretty effective teams. Commander Larson was a good pick for Team Alpha's leader.”

“I know,” Kelsoe said. “Take the list to Rob.”

“Aye, Captain,” Burt said and walked out.

Kelsoe followed Burt, but when Burt went to the turbolift, Kelsoe stayed on the bridge. Kelsoe turned to Tracy.

“Ship wide P.A., Ensign,” Kelsoe said.

“Aye, Captain,” Tracy said and punched the commands. “You're on sir.”

“All hands,” Kelsoe said. “This is the Captain. We are about to enter So'ja space. This mission has a low survival ratio... I'm not telling you that to frighten you, I'm telling it to you because we are going to survive. We've dealt with the So'ja before. We know how to beat them. Remember the foundations of the Federation, remember your Starfleet training. This is were it comes into play. After this removal, the Federation is official enemies with the So'ja Coalition. If you are captured by the So'ja, you know what to do. No Federation knowledge is to be aloud to get to the So'ja. That's a direct order from Starfleet commander - Admiral Hayes, himself. Stayed united, because together we can prevail. Captain out.”

Tracy closed the P.A. and looked up at Kelsoe. Kelsoe felt all the eyes on the bridge staring at him. He stepped down into the center of the bridge.

“Mr. Craig,” Kelsoe said. “Go to red alert.”

“Yes, sir,” Craig said, and the lights on the bridge immediately started blinking red.

“Alright, Mr. Zimmer,” Kelsoe said with a hard expression. “Take us across the border.”

As the Pioneer crossed the So'ja border, both the Nebula class ship, the Revolution and the Akira class ship, the Independence followed.

“We are now in So'ja control space,” Zimmer announced.

“All hands to battle stations,” Kelsoe said.

“Aye,” Craig said.

“Keep scanners up,” Kelsoe said, “Tell me the moment that anything out of the unusually shows up on you're scanners.”

“Yes, Captain,” Craig said. “Sensors are on full sweep.”

Kelsoe tapped his commbadge.

“Kelsoe to Tuff,” Kelsoe said.

“Tuff here,” Tuff said.

“Prepare to launch shuttles,” Kelsoe said.

“Aye, Captain,” Tuff said. “Teams are preparing to depart.”

Kelsoe stood up and walked up behind Zimmer. In front of them he saw a purple haze.

“Mr. Craig, what's that?” Kelsoe inquired.

“Sensors aren't picking up anything,” Craig said. “It's as if is not there at all.”

Kelsoe turned back to the purple haze and squinted his eyes.

“I don't like this,” Kelsoe said.

“Neither do I, Captain,” Zimmer said.

Kelsoe placed his hand on Zimmer's shoulder.

“Try and steer around the haze, Mr. Zimmer,” Kelsoe ordered.

“I'll try, Captain,” Zimmer said. “But it appears to be moving.”

“Craig?!” Kelsoe said.

“Sensors are still not picking up anything,” Craig said.

Kelsoe turned around.

“Are the sensors malfunctioning?” Kelsoe inquired.

Craig punched a few things at his stations then looked up.

“Negative, Captain,” Craig said.

“Fine,” Kelsoe said, stepping back up to his chair. “Tell the shuttles to go, but be careful.”

“Aye, Captain,” Craig said. “Team Alpha's shuttle is away... Captain! So'ja ship de-cloaking right in front of us!”

“On screen!” Kelsoe said, turning quickly to look at the view screen.

The purple haze had vanished and in it's place was the So'ja Destroyer.

“We're being hailed,” Tracy said.

“On screen,” Kelsoe said, again.

The So'ja Maj, Da'note appeared.

“I am So'ja Maj Da'note of the So'ja Destroyer Kal'sa!” growled Da'note. “You have crossed the Neutral Zone. Any shuttle craft we see from your ship will be fired upon. Da'note out!”

“Captain,” Craig said, “the Kal'sa is charging weapons.”

“Raise shields!” Kelsoe ordered.

“Already done, sir,” Craig said. “The shuttle craft is approaching the Kal'sa.”

“Quickly, target their disruptors and fire,” Kelsoe said.

“Firing phasers,” Craig said. “No effect.”

Kelsoe saw a green beam shot of the Destroyer.


“It's a tractor beam,” Craig said. “Attempting to get a lock on it.”

Kelsoe watched at the Revolution flew in front of his view firing all weapons.

“The shuttle's free and had gone to warp toward Ka'al,” Craig said.

“Good,” Kelsoe said. “Now let's stop this ship! Mr. Zimmer, take us around. Prepare to fire all weapons, Mr. Craig.”

“Aye, Captain,” Craig said.

The Pioneer dove around the Revolution and fired all weapons. The So'ja ship returned fired.

The bridge rocked from the disruptor blasts. Kelsoe was knocked off his feet, and feel face first against the metal railing in front of him. Kelsoe fell limp on the follow. Zimmer looked up at Craig.

“What do you want me to do?” Zimmer asked.

“Come about,” Craig said. “Targeting disruptors, let's hope this works.”

“Dr. Braga to the bridge,” Tracy said after she tapped her comm badge. “The Captain's down.”

“Their firing again!” Zimmer said.

They watched as the disrupted blast penetrated their shields. The Pioneer rocked violently.

“Haul breaches on deck 10 through 15,” Ensign Soto, the security officer filling in for Tuff. “Receive heavy damage reports from the aft shuttle bay.”

The turbolift doors opened and then sparked as Braga jumped out of the turbolift.

“Turbolift one is done,” Braga said, and proceed to the Captain's aid.

Craig watched as the Revolution turned to face the So'ja Destroyer and fired all phasers. Craig punched in some commands and the Pioneer fired phasers on the Destroyer's aft disruptors. Suddenly from the aft of the Destroy two shuttles emerge. 

“Magnify!” Craig commanded.

Ensign Soto put in the command.

The view screen showed a closer up two attack shuttles.

“Let's hope they don't have the same shields as the Destroyer,” Craig said.

“Firing phasers,” Soto said. “No effect.”

“Locking photon torpedoes onto the two attack shuttles,” Craig said. “Firing.”

Soto watched the torpedoes on the scanners.

“Direct hit!” Soto said. “You've eliminate them.”

Braga helped Kelsoe up.

“We should get you to sickbay,” Braga said.

“Not now, Doctor,” Kelsoe said. “Report?!”

“Heavy damage in shuttle bay one and haul breaches through decks 10 and 15,” Soto said. “All emergency force fields are holding.”

“No major injuring being reported,” Craig said.

Braga helped Kelsoe over to his chair.

“Sir!” Zimmer cried. “The So'ja Destroyers firing!”

A disrupter beam hit below the dish of the Pioneer and sent the crew on the bridge flying off their feet. Kelsoe's head wound grew to include a scratched shoulder. Kelsoe got to his feet.


“Coolant lick in engineering,” Craig said.

“Bridge to engineering!” Kelsoe said.

“Withrome here,” Joanna said. “I've got the shut the warp core done or the ship will blow.”

“Make it so,” Kelsoe said. “Try and give us enough power for full phaser power.”

“I'll try, Captain,” Joanna said.

Kelsoe turned to Tracy.

“Status of the other ships?” Kelsoe asked.

Revolution taken some damaging hits,” Tracy said listening to the Starfleet ship band. “Causalities being reported. “The Independence has lost warp power and is a sitting duck.”

“Alright,” Kelsoe said turning back towards the helm.

“Ensign Soto,” Kelsoe said. “Target the Destroyer's power core and fire all weapons.”

“Aye, Captain,” Soto said. “Scanning, I think I have the power core, firing.”

The Pioneer let out an array of weapons all hitting the center of the So'ja Destroyer.


“They've taken some damage,” Craig said looking down at his console, “but nothing serious.”

“Captain, I'm picking up a huge power serge from the So'ja ship,” Soto said.

“From where?” Kelsoe asked as he watched the Revolution come around their port side firing at the So'ja ship.

“I can't really tell,” Soto explained. “It seems to be come from all over the ship.”

“The disrupters!” Craig said looking down out his console. “Their gearing up for a power strike.”

“All hands brace for impact!”

All of the disruptors on the So'ja Destroyer shot out and hit the Revolution. The result was devastating. Kelsoe stood up as he saw the Revolution split in half.

“Quickly, beam as much of the crew as possible to the cargo holds,” Kelsoe said. “And try and disable that Destroyer.”

Kelsoe turned to Braga.

“Dr. Braga, you better get to the cargo holds,” Kelsoe said.

“I'm make my way through the Jefferies tubes,” Braga said and dashed towards the closest Jefferies tube hatch.

“Now fire on that ship!” Kelsoe said.

“Uh, Captain,” Craig said. “They've gone to warp.”

“Can you tell we they went?” Kelsoe asked, climbing up to Craig's station.

“Negative, Captain,” Craig said. “They have some sort of dampening field.”

Kelsoe turned to Tracy.

“Tell the second shuttle to leave,” Kelsoe said. “The shield's got to be down for Team Alpha to get into the palace.”

“The shuttle can't move, sir,” Tracy said. “Docking clamps are malfunctioning.”

Kelsoe turned back and looked out at the view screen which was showing the burning Revolution. Kelsoe turned around looking at his crew. The worst case scenario had occurred. They will fail. Kelsoe strengthen his suit.

“Send a communication to Starfleet, Ensign Carson,” Kelsoe said. “Mission has failed. We have received massive injures, require assistance. Repeat, mission has failed.”

To be continued...